The West Side Children's Fund today is a philanthropic foundation that focuses on the childcare needs of working families. WSCF offers grants to qualified organizations in New York City, carrying on the generous spirit of WSDN. These grants offer financial assistance to providers of safe, quality out-of-school time and afterschool services for children on the Upper West Side which, despite common perception, is still home to many underserved communities.

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The West Side Children's Fund (WSCF) was founded in 1884 as the West Side Day Nursery (WSDN) with a mission “to care for young children during the absence of their parents.” One of the earliest proponents of child care in the nation, WSDN began as a private charity and established and ran a day nursery located at 468/470 West 43rd Street until 1953.

As New York’s need for childcare grew and moved from privately funded nurseries to publicly funded day care centers, the WSDN shifted its efforts to assist and expand childcare programs. The West 40th Street building was sold and the proceeds invested, creating an endowment fund. The WSDN became the sponsoring board for a city-funded day care center in the Bronx for the next 35 years, until 1995. During that time, WSDN also gave grants to more than 75 organizations throughout the city.


Hannah Stebbins, Leslie Plotkin, Kristen Bieler, Yasmin Hopper, Maryum Opa, Kirsten Oppenheimer,

Susie Reiss & Kazue Takenaga